A Farewell Tribute to My Angel – Part 2

I heard the cry.

Again I heard the cry of an angel.

A cry spoke of love.

 A cry spoke of the Incarnate One.

I tried to distract with thoughts of world.

The more tried,

The more it came alive.

The picture-face of an angel

With tearful-face.

Streams of tears flowed from her

With no limits near by.

It was a time of mixed feel.

A time with such feeling

Where words seemed inadequate to express.

A sword went through me

With the speed of lightening.

And I fell all a sudden.

A moment of deep silence.

A moment,

Yet like eternity.

Nothing seemed alive.

Nothing seemed moving

In that stillness of night.

All that left in me

Was a biting chillness.

And around me

Deadening silence before an uprising.


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