A Farewell Tribute to My Angel – Part 1



SleeplessnessA night,

Seemed like any other;

Deep in the midst of four walls

I sat in my arm-chair,

In my king-size posture.

The affairs of world never reaches here.

In stillness.

Sitting lousy,

Across the empty window.

The noise has been swallowed

By the endless night.

My robe has become a garment of white dew.

Unable to sleep,

I walked through corridors.

All a flash,

Above the highest peak

The crescent moon appears with a smile.

I looked, smiled back.

But that smile was of pride.

Pride of my heart.

Because of ‘great’ worldly achievements.

Of ever-growing power, authority.

Because of high offices I held,

And of high intellect;

Which been pampered and envied by many.

Thus with chest widened,

Head held high

I walked along the corridors.

Like a young lion of the congregation.

As a royal blood.

But this night smelled strange than others.

Its silence was deep,

Like the silence before the hunt,

Or of a might storm.

As the chatter clock

Kept saying: tick tick.

The silence grew deeper.

 As if it got life.

All a flash,

 Came a freezing stillness

And saw an icy breeze coming

Tossing and curling like waves.

In a sec,

It stung my heart like an arrow.

At that moment of freezing stillness,

Of that freezing silence

My ears echoed the feeble, yet

Deep cry of an angel

Send by Thee.